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A Bustle in Your Hedgerow

Thoughts in Wonderland

Fabricati Diem, Pvnc
10 April 1978
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Well, well, well. I've had this journal for years now, through many major changes in my life, and I just realized that my profile had been the same since I first got my journal lo those many years ago. So if you know me, I'm updating. If you are viewing this for the first time, hi! and ignore the above.

Anyway. I'm Elizabeth. I live in the City of Sin, although as a married mom, I don't see that side of Las Vegas very often. I'm a San Diego State University grad, class of '04, and I also went to high school and junior high in SD, as you can see in that nifty little feature that lists my schools. I occasionally write for fun and hopefully, eventually for profit.

I'm a fangirl of various geeky things, among them Harry Potter and DC Comics. I'm a voracious reader, and I dig all things dark and spooky. I'm also a movie buff and a sucker for celebrity gossip. I've been known to write and draw, although having a sproglet has eaten into my hobby time.

And that's me.

My journal is by and large under friends-lock, not for any elitist reasons, but mostly because I do talk about my husband and my son quite a bit, and don't like to put all that out there for all and sundry to see. If you want to friend me, by all means do so, and I'll likely do the same.

Some of you may have met me through parenting comms, book comms, ONTD, what have you. I don't keep a separate fannish journal. Things you should know about my journal before you add me:

I work as a server. That means I talk about work, and occasionally, tips. If you are anti-tip and don't like people talking about it, you might want to skip any entries where I talk about work. More often I focus on the actual job, or things that are going well/poorly, but sometimes tipping does come up.

I have been part of the Harry Potter fandom since about 2000 (right after Goblet of Fire was released). I write fan fic and have played in several RPGs. I talk about this stuff sometimes. I don't usually post fic in this journal, but I will link to it and I do talk about the process as I write. I also usually link to fests I'm participating in.

My fanfic is collected at my Dreamwidth account here; it is not f-locked and is available for perusal and concrit, should anyone feel so inclined. I also have an account at Archive of Our Own, as well, though that doesn't include any Monster High fic.

The RPGs I've participated in are:
seen_unforeseen (Zacharias Smith, Sebastian Capper, Vincent Crabbe)
this_is_now (Lavender Brown)
nothing_goldrpg (Fenrir Greyback, Charlie Weasley)
tempus_flux (Draco Malfoy, Pansy Parkinson, Charlie Weasley, Ron Weasley, Susan Bones)
waking_pandora (Zacharias Smith, Sanguini, Charlie Weasley, Ron Weasley, Mandy Brocklehurst, Alecto Carrow)
shrouded_order (Draco Malfoy, Sanguini, Penelope Clearwater)
dark_twist (Pansy Parkinson, Ron Weasley, Zacharias Smith, Charlie Weasley)

I'm currently taking a break from RP and trying to concentrate on writing (though I absolutely consider RP to be exercises in characterization, writing, and plotting). Just kidding; I'm playing like four characters over on IJ.

Finally, I've recently discovered Monster High and fallen in love with it. I've started collecting the dolls, and I do talk about that and post pictures from time to time (okay, a lot, lately).

All of these things will be tagged, have LJ cuts, and so on. I just like to warn non-fandom people that my journal does have these elements, so they can choose which entries they want to scroll past, or if my journal is worth following at all.
abbey bominable, american horror story, american idol, anakin skywalker, angel, angels, animals, anita blake, art, asoiaf, babies, batman, battle royale, beastie boys, belly, biting ron, books, btvs, californication, carrot ironfoundersson, celebrity news, charlaine harris, children's literature, claire beauchamp, clawdeen wolf, cleo de nile, constantine, dancing, darth vader, daryl dixon, death, demons, diana gabaldon, direwolves, discworld, disneyland, don lamb, draco malfoy, draculaura, eminem, fables, fantasy, fenrir greyback, frankie stein, friday night lights, full moons, george r.r. martin, gossip girl, granny weatherwax, greyjoys, guitar hero, harry potter, harry potter fanfic, hayden christensen, hearst college, heroes, hip hop, hogwarts, hp, hufflepuff, icons, j k rowling, jamie fraser, johnny depp, jon snow, keanu reeves, kelley armstrong, lagoona, lannisters, las vegas, laurell k hamilton, led zeppelin, lego star wars, logan echolls, lord of the rings, lotr, mma, monster high, motherhood, movies, music, musicians, nanny ogg, nefera de nile, neil gaiman, neptune, new moon, new orleans saints, nothing gold, once upon a time, operetta, pansy parkinson, parasol protectorate, phantom of the opera, philadelphia eagles, pink floyd, pirates of the caribbean, potc, pregnancy, punk, pushing daisies, reading, road trips, rock and roll, rock n roll, ryan phillippe, sam vimes, san diego, san diego chargers, san diego padres, seen and unforeseen, slytherin, sookie stackhouse, soulless, spectra vondergeist, spike, star wars, starks, superman, targaryens, temeraire, tempus flux, terry pratchett, the da vinci code, the walking dead, theirloveissoblonde, this is now, true blood, tudor harry potter, twilight, ufc, vampires, veronica mars, wee ian, weeds, weevil, werewolf revenge, writing, xbox 360, zacharias smith


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